Sunday, June 19, 2011

Awesome Things about Korea #44: Nature

The sounds and smells of the city were far behind us as we wove our way through tall green marsh plants.  Swaying in time to the breeze, they spread on for what seemed like forever, with only a break at the water's edge.  The only sounds were the voice of Koreans around us taking pictures and enjoying the scenery.  Birds flew overhead, while mud-skippers and crabs scuttled around in the exposed mud under the boardwalk.  Every time we breathed in, we were welcomed with fresh air that had a hint of ocean.

Suncheon in southeastern Jeollanamdo province is a popular destination for its ecological park.  The largest park of its kind in Korea, it attracts many species of wildlife, as well as countless tourists who hope to capture the unique beauty of this area.  One of the most sought-after photos is the sunset over the river swooping through the park, with both serious and amateur photographers setting up shop in the observatory overlooking the whole expanse.

This was the location of this past weekend's day trip.  Easily reachable by both train and bus, we opted to take the slow train once more.  The trip cost us 6,900 for a one-way ticket, on the very same train that travels to Boseong.  However, we continued on for another hour.  We arrived the Suncheon Train Station, which is roughly 100 meters from a major Suncheon City bus stop.  We hopped on the 67 bus, paid our 1,100 fare, and rode until almost the end of the line.  Suncheon Bay (or Suncheon Man as it is called on the bus route) is about 20 minutes out from the main city, so by this time we were out in the countryside.

From that moment on, we were amazed at the scenery that lay before us.  Everything was so green and vibrantly colored it seemed unreal.  Only photos can truly capture what beauty exists there.  I imagine it would be a wonderful sight in all seasons, not just early summer.  As we weren't able to get a boat tour down the river this time around, perhaps another visit later in the year will be on the to-do list.

Here are photos from Suncheon Bay Ecological Park:

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