Sunday, June 19, 2011

Awesome Things About Korea #43: Green Tea

I never appreciated green tea until I came to Korea. The tastes of the varieties available weren't very palatable, and some versions of "green tea beverages" (i.e. Lipton bottled iced green tea) were downright offensive.

So the first time I went to Boseong to visit the green tea fields, you can bet I wasn't too excited about trying green tea again. The bitter memories of past experiences still stuck with me.

Much to my relief, green tea in Korea is vastly different than its Western counterpart. For one, the taste is a lot fresher and less bitter. It is well-rounded and light, not sugary or over-processed in hopes of making it more appealing. There are no gimmicks in Korea's green tea--it's all-natural and still retains all of its healthful benefits.

Green tea is proven to keep cancer risks low, is good for your skin and hair, and helps combat nausea.

Boseong's green tea is well-known for its flavor as well as widely drunk throughout Korea, which makes it pretty awesome.


  1. Do most American love green tea like Korean?
    What is best popular tea except coffee in America?

  2. Also in Korea, you can pretty much find anything in green-tea flavored...


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