Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rediscovering your inner child

This Tuesday was Children's Day, a rare day off from school for Korean children. It's also a day where they get to spend time with their parents going to museums, parks, the movies. It's also when they get presents or treats, as many of my students were quick to show me when classes resumed on Wednesday.

What do teachers do Children's Day? We go rediscover our inner child! In addition to enjoying rest and relaxation, there was a pretty walk around Chonnam University's campus to take pictures and enjoy the gorgeous weather. After dinner, we got to experience the wonders of the video game room. Like a PC bang, a video game bang is rife with technology. Only the shininess of the technology has jumped a few notches. The close-set computers and Starcraft players are replaced with comfy, spaced-out couches and large flat-screen TVs. Here you can indulge in whatever platform catches your fancy: PS3, XBox, Wii. There are games to play on your own, or with company. We each had our own TV, and our own game to play, but didn't mean we couldn't hop over to each other's couch if we wanted! Amid the sounds of laughter, cheering, and groans of complaint from the other patrons, hours slid past until we were able to detach ourselves from our virtual fantasy worlds and return to the real one.

My vote? This is definitely an experience worth trying, and one that I am certain I will be returning to soon!

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