Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fresh Air

It starts soft at first,
so slight I can hardly hear
over the honks of cars screaming by eleven floors below.
Most of the time I think
it is the cars going by that mimics
the whisper-whooshing.
Until a breeze brings that coolness
a little more fresh than before.
And I look up to see
sparkles of drops caught in the screen
of my balcony.
The light from the buildings
across the street
transform the rain into miniature diamonds.
I step out onto the cool tiles
and breathe in fresh air,
free from spicy kimchi, salty samgyepsal, sour fish.
The restaurants nearby
are momentarily silenced.
Now that she has caught
my attention,
Mother Nature continues her symphony.
And like the crescendo of a movement,
the rain comes every louder,
falling faster until
there is no space to separate
between raindrops.

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