Friday, March 20, 2009

Settling In...

After a few weeks at my new school and getting adjusted to a new schedule and new students, I am starting to feel more comfortable with how things are going. There are still annoyances (you'll find those anywhere, along with apathetic and trouble-making students), but I find that this time around I am more at ease with everything.

I've also enjoyed settling into my new apartment, and figuring out how to set it up and arrange everything. I have a little more freedom with the space, and am looking forward to decorating it up in the near future.

I've also started taking weekday Korean classes, so now I'm on Beginner Level 2. I hope that this will push me over the hump I'd been stuck on with studying and learning Korean. This class is actually a little difficult, so it will keep me on my toes with studying at least!

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