Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where does it all come from?!

In the process of packing up my apartment for the move to my new place on Saturday...and I have to wonder, where does all the extra stuff come from...out of nowhere?!?! When I arrived in Korea last year, I came with three suitcases of clothes and little items. Now I'm finding all this extra stuff that I have somehow accrued over a year: clothes, books, food, shoes, etc...and going crazy trying to figure out what to keep and where to put it. It's interesting the little parts of our lives we collect over time, without realizing it.

But at the same time, I do enjoy unearthing different memories from the past year in Korea, as I get ready to start making another year's worth. I think when I get to my new place I will make a collage of all the tickets and such from the past year (like I used to do in college with all my movie tickets and game tickets) so I can hang it on the wall. That way, the old memories won't sit gathering dust in a corner somewhere. Instead, they can be admired and appreciated by whomever comes to visit!

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