Monday, February 23, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

The sound of rain lulls me into peaceful relaxation...I don't mind rainy Sundays; they're a great way to recharge the batteries after a busy week in Korea. Sometimes the weeks here are so go-go-go that you need a day to recover from all the activity. (And especially if you have a busy, exhaustive Saturday like the one I previously described.) There's nothing more than going to sleep with the sound of rain rushing down the window, or waking up to the light tapping of drops and the promise of relaxation. Sure, the grayness of the sky is dreary, but I feel great things can still happen on the gloomiest of days. After getting done with the marathon of days Saturday, I could no longer hope to keep my eyes open for long. I finally crashed about 11:30ish, which is early for me on a weekend! But I awoke a little before 10 am feeling refreshed and comfortable. And then proceeded to enjoy a lazy day; the best kind!

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