Saturday, March 28, 2009


This time of year is both the best and worst time of year for me. While I enjoy the nice spring weather and seeing all the flowers and trees burst into bloom, I hate suffering the nastiness of springtime colds and allergies. This agony seems to have multiplied itself by two during my time in Korea, where I am exposed to foreign fauna, more pollution, and different living conditions than at home. Unless one lives in a bubble during their time here, it is darn near impossible to avoid coming down with something. My one saving grace is that I don't work with kindergarten students anymore, so I can avoid a lot of the germs brought that way. But those germs are always lurking somewhere else, waiting to strike at the opportune moment. That moment is now...the time of year where the weather battles with itself, trying to decide if it is winter still or if it's spring yet. After a wonderful week last week with warm temps that teased at relief from the biting cold, we're back to another week of brr-inducing weather. Guess there's really truth to the old adage that March goes in like a lion and comes out like a lamb...but which one will eventually win?

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