Thursday, August 18, 2011

Travel Weary

Resting my weary bones at home in my apartment.  Left Sydney at 2 pm Wednesday, arrived in Gwangju at 2 pm Thursday after two flights, a two hour delay that became three (the plane had mechanical issues so they delayed our boarding), and a four hour bus ride from Incheon.  Coincidentally, I even ran into two of my coworkers who had just arrived from Kuala Lumpur as well.  Their travel story definitely took the cake.

I arrived in Gwangju just in time to hear the monthly air raid siren tests.  Traffic was at a standstill with no one allowed to proceed until the test concluded.  At this point, I wanted nothing more in that moment to get back to my apartment so I could shower off the grime of traveling and breathing in airplane air for hours.  I felt bad for my taxi driver for I'm sure I didn't look very appealing nor smell so after traveling for so long.  Luckily he was speedy and got me home to my apartment quick enough so I could enjoy not only the shower but bask in air conditioning.

My poor body must be confused going from summer to winter and back to summer in three weeks.  I'll put away my heavier jacket and long sleeves until crisper temperatures make their way to Korea, and pull out the flip-flops, shorts, and t-shirts for a little while longer.

Home sweet (apartment) home.  Back in Korea!

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