Friday, May 20, 2011

Awesome Things about Korea #37: The weekend stretching before you

One of the things I like about my current job (aside from my awesome coworkers who I mentioned in an earlier post) is my schedule.  Granted, I go to work early but am done by 4:30 Monday through Thursday.  On Friday, the schedule shifts to sublime as we inch our way to the weekend and getting done with school early.  Finishing at 2:50 leaves the whole afternoon free for relaxation--not to mention the rest of the weekend stretches ahead, ready to be filled with activities.  I haven't looked forward to Friday afternoons this much since I was an undergrad relishing weekly lunches with friends, pit-sitting in great weather, or lying on the quad with a book and a Daily Grind coffee.

Here's to Fridays everywhere.


  1. Thanks, I feel that way too about it. Pity it took me 3 years and some bad experiences to finally find it, but I enjoy it enough now! :)

    I've been enjoying your blog; thanks for reading mine!


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