Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vacation Update

I've been taking a break from writing this blog, as I've been on vacation at home before heading back to Korea later this week.  Right now just waiting on my passport to come back from Atlanta with my shiny new E-2 visa; in the meantime, organizing my things and getting them ready and packed.  Then it will be time to start year 4 in Korea!

My time at home has passed fairly quickly, despite the more laid-back atmosphere of my hometown, and the lack of a means of transportation.  Most of my weekdays are spent reading, relaxing, doing some writing, catching up on American TV, and cooking for my family.  I've taken over making dinner most nights because my mom has been working later than usual, and so it's been fun to experiment with new recipes as well as prepare some old favorites.  Having a wealth of ingredients at my disposal is convenient and fun.

On the weekends I've been going up to see my brother, as well as going around the area picking up things for the next year.  I've been stocking up on food items and clothes that are hard to find, as well enjoying eating out at restaurants I wish existed in Korea.  I've even been lucky to meet up with my friends who still live in the area to spend time with them and catch up.

My reverse culture shock has definitely toned down since my arrival back in NC, and not a moment too soon, right?  Even though I know what to expect when I head back to Korea, I wonder what my feelings will be like once I arrive.

The thought of saying goodbye again to my family and friends makes me feel sad, but I know that it is temporary until I can visit again sometime, or return home for good.  I'm still trying to convince people to come visit me in Korea so I can show them around my second home.  We shall see how that works out...

I'm still here, just taking some time off to enjoy being at home before returning to Korea and getting back to blogging about my life there.  See you all soon!

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