Saturday, February 26, 2011

SK Telecom to sell Apple's iPhones, iPads

SK Telecom to sell Apple's iPhones, iPads

KT will soon no longer be the only vendor for Apple iPhones and iPads in Korea. Starting in March, SK will begin offering the 16GB model of the iPhone 4 with a two-year contract. Monthly payments will range from 35.000 won to 95,000 won. If a customer chooses the 35.000 won plan, he will have to pay 300,000 for the phone outright; whereas the higher plan requires no down payment.

With the US release of the iPhone 5 likely coming soon, this could likely open the door for SK to offer the latest model once it makes its Korean debut.

No other details were given regarding sales of iPads by SK, other than they could start in a few months.

How will this move affect KT's market share with Apple? Previously, SK had claimed they would not sell Apple products and instead focus on selling Korea's own Samsung models. But it seems that with the success of the iPhone 4 in Korea, along with iPad, SK now wants a piece of the pie.

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