Thursday, September 30, 2010

Awesome Things About Korea #18: Dynamic Busan

Can't believe it's the end of September!  It seems that this month has really flown by, mostly due to the extended Chuseok vacation last week.  This year's holiday was from Tuesday to Thursday, so some people were fortunate enough to get that Monday/Friday off to make for a long holiday.  I had the Monday off myself, and used it to relax and rest before heading out to Busan on Tuesday with Britton.

Of course, many things in the city were closed as a result of the holiday but we were able to find enough things to do to enjoy our visit.  The ocean was a tad chilly to swim in, so I just did some wading and walking on the beach.  On Wednesday it rained and was quite chilly, a sure sign that fall is ushering in.  Thursday brought the return of brilliant sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures as we bid farewell to Dynamic Busan.  

While we were there, however, we checked out some spots recommended in my Moon's Guide to Korea, including the PIFF Square (home to the Busan International Film Festival), the Busan Tower (which affords you spectacular views of the city), Nampo-dong (home to a huge Lotte Mart and downtown shopping area), and Centum City, which is the largest shopping complex in Asia, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.  This building is huge!  It boasts not only tons of stores, but also a spa, ice skating rink, bookstore, and CGV movie theater among other things.  It would take all day to explore, but sadly, most of it was closed due to the holiday.  

Nonetheless, we enjoyed getting to relax and travel outside of Gwangju for a bit.  Of course, we'll have to keep in mind when traveling to Busan next time--to go when it's not a national holiday!

The Saturday before we left on our trip I was able to pick up my iPhone 4!  It definitely came in handy to take pictures and use the awesome GPS features for traveling.  I got the 32 gig model, so now I have tons of room for music and applications, something I'd been anxiously awaiting.  So far, so good--I love having it and being able to do so much with it.

All of the photos in this slideshow were taken and edited completely on my iPhone 4, with the 5MP camera and photo editing applications.

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  1. I really did enjoy my brief visits to Busan. It's #2 behind Gwangju as far as places I'd like to live next year.

    Can't believe how flexible the iPhone 4 is! :-o


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