Monday, August 23, 2010

Lemon Grass Cupcake Cafe

Craving cupcakes?  Got a sweet tooth even the likes of Paris Baguette and Tour Le Jours can't satisfy?

Lemon Grass Cupcake and Coffee Cafe will tantalize your taste buds--after you've finished oohing and ahhing over the cupcake display and other interior decor.  Stumbled upon by accident one night downtown, this new gem in downtown Gwangju near the Bubble Bar is a good place to stop for a cup of coffee, milk, or fruit juice smoothie, and of course, a cupcake.  The cupcakes range in price from 3,500 to 4,000 won apiece, but one is all you'll need.  They are rich and moist, with a nice range of flavors for different palates.  Example:  mint chocolate cupcake, tiramisu, lemon, red velvet, and chocolate, to name a few.  There are other flavors, and they change the display to reflect the popular ones of the day.  You can also purchase a gift cupcake pack for a friend or loved one, and it will come wrapped up as pretty as can be.

Tiramisu and Red Velvet Cupcakes

These little dolls are kinda cute but where are their clothes?

Assorted candies on display they use for cupcakes.

To get to Lemon Grass from the YMCA bus stop, head up to your right, following the curve of the road and keeping the fountain on your left.  Keep walking past the Crown Bakery and Biz Baz Coffee Shop.  Take the next crosswalk after Biz Baz to go to the other side of the street.  Lemon Grass will be on your left, almost on the corner.


  1. Great pics! This should definitely go in the Say Kimchi News monthly newsletter. Give it to Lindsay and see what she says! :)

  2. I told her about it, and she used another article for this month's newsletter, so maybe next month?

    Thanks for reading and liking it!


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