Sunday, August 29, 2010

Awesome Things about Korea #15: Tofu

Tofu might seem like a strange topic for an awesome things post, but let me tell you, the tofu in Korea IS awesome.  I never liked tofu until I moved to Korea, and now I love it!  The texture here is so much better than any tofu I had eaten at home--it's softer, with more of a fresh flavor that makes it deliciously palatable.  It's one of my favorite side dishes at restaurants, as well as a main ingredient in my favorite Korean soup:  doenjang jjigae.  I love the huge chunks of tofu that restaurants plop in the savory broth.  They soak up some of the broth as the soup cooks--heaven!

I also never cared much for bean sprouts until I came here, but have also developed a strong preference for these as well.  Korea opened up a lot of new food avenues for me--some more successful than others!

Doenjang jjigae, Picture from Wikipedia

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