Friday, July 2, 2010

Rain on my window

I love rain.  I love the smell before it rains, when it rains, and the fresh coolness after a storm passes.  I love the sound of it on my window, on the roof, on an umbrella.  I love the sound of thunder and the awesome power of lightning as it flashes bright as day.  

Right now, we're heading into monsoon season, the rainiest part of a Korean year.  From early July until early August, thunderstorms are commonly on the weather forecast, with the humidity climbing daily.  Despite having lived in the South for many years with its muggy summer weather, I wasn't quite prepared for this level of humidity!  Of course, I live a lot closer to water here than I did back home, which helps contribute to the precipitation level.  Here, on some days, you feel like you have to take a shower about 10 times a day, for just standing outside in one place for too long merits breaking a sweat.  And forget walking anywhere.  In 5 minutes your shirt will probably start sticking to your body.  

I call it the season of cool showers:  take them as often as you can, and as often as you can stand them.  After working out at the gym, nothing makes me happier than to stand under lukewarm/cool water and feel instantly better.

The key to getting through the sticky summer?  Drink plenty of water, stay indoors as much as possible where air conditioning is your friend, and don't be afraid to indulge in some ice cream or patbingsu!

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