Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Google Earth knows where you live, KJI

Interesting story from the Chosun Ilbo, via the Daily Telegraph.  On Google Earth, you can now see Kim Jong-il's palaces, along with his private yacht, golf course, and the work camps/prisons in North Korea.  The pictures are definitely something to look at, and gives you a glimpse into this intensely secluded country.  You can check out the pictures via the linked article or on Google Earth itself.


  1. Hi~ I found your blog through I just wanted to ask if you indeed landed in Korea via their process. I want to teach English in Korea this fall and need to know if their website is a legitimate one. Thank you! :)

  2. Hi there, to answer your question would take a little longer than I think this comment box could handle. Could you send me an email with your specific questions? There I can expand more on my answer if you'd like. My email is in my complete profile.


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