Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A little taste of spring

If you feel like winter has lasted one too many weeks too long this year, then you're not alone.  The weeks of cold weather, dreary rainy days, and minimal sunshine have started to make me a little stir crazy.  Even my Korean friends agree that this winter has been colder, harsher, and longer than normal.

To offset this feeling of cabin fever and desperation, I journeyed to the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center with Britton and my co-worker Van to explore the Gwangju Flower Expo in late March.  Outside you could sample alcoholic beverages like raspberry wine and soju, or stock up on traditional Korean foods in the market tents.  Inside was an explosion of color, smells, and people--they were everywhere.  The venue and its contents made for some beautiful and interesting photos, however.  Check them out below!

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