Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Very Korean Birthday

Well, just as the Very Unhappy Birthday was new and interesting to Alice in Wonderland, so are the little birthday songs that are sung at restaurants here. I've been privy to serenades in English and Spanish at restaurants back home, but now I have some new ones to look forward to in January! This month marked the birthdays of two of the foreign teachers: Jeremy and Miriam. For Jeremy's birthday, we went down to V.I.P.S., a very important restaurant with a great salad bar and very tasty ribs! Needless to say, I enjoyed the salad bar immensely and had to take the ribs home for later.

But for V.I.P.S.' birthday celebration, they bring a box of cool hats to your table so everyone can join in on the festivity.

And for Miriam's birthday, we had dinner down at TGI Friday's, where you are serenaded by an entire band! (Oh, and there's a cute little party hat for the birthday guy/girl, too.)

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