Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's Konglish to me!

Here in Korea, it is not uncommon to find clothing, decorations, etc. with slogans written in incorrect English, termed as "Konglish." Often, this results in hilariously-named stores/restaurants such as the Cock Restaurant & Hof (not kidding!) or items in stores that would make the average English speaker giggle. Case in point: a his-and-hers underwear set from Maru down at the university that says "touch me" in big red letters. As if there were any question about what to do when you get down to your skivvies, right?

Of course, most of these items I would like to get my hands on, just to be able to send them back as presents to people. Like the Coke shirt I saw at a store downtown, it said "Drink Coke for happy time." I know someone who would appreciate that. Or the cute one I spotted today that had an upside-down elephant with the question: Elephant?

But the one thing I couldn't resist picking up today (since I wasn't 100% sure it would still be on sale next week or I would be able to find my size) was a gray t-shirt/orange tank combo that said: "No Sugar, No Salt. It's a Sexy Honey!!" I just couldn't pass that up for being on sale! Man, I love shopping in Korea.

I've included a picture for your viewing enjoyment & evidential proof!

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