Monday, March 31, 2008

Like music to my ears

It always amazes me, the breadth of music that you can find here in Korea. Every morning when I get up I can hear the nearby church playing exaltations, so I always feel like I'm in a room with a heavenly choir.

K-pop is very big here, as evidenced in my last post about the club we went to. Some groups are Korea's very own version of NKotB, BSB, or *NSync, and the crowd (both guys and girls) goes crazy for it.

Speaking of K-pop, American boy bands are still very big here. I can't tell you how many times I've been out and about here and heard some good old BSB or *NSync. And I'm not talking the stuff from when they first came out. No, I mean the recent releases off their last album (which would be last year for BSB). Well, I had always heard the boy band mania was so much bigger in Asia than it was back home, and now I can see for myself how true that is.

Oh, Celine Dion is HUGE here. There was a TV special on the other day with her performing, and I can't go anywhere without hearing her songs. It's interesting, I can walk 10 minutes down the street, and hear at least 5 different songs blaring from stores. It's akin to scanning through a radio dial (of all upbeat, sugary sweet tunes).

It makes me happy though, that at the end of the day, I can go back to my apartment and crank up the country. (Since that is one genre they haven't discovered yet here.) I can let my hair down and a little bit of the North Carolinian out.

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