Monday, February 4, 2008

Aggravating Delays

So one of my documents I sent to Korea for Immigration for my E-2 visa turned out to be "not official enough." Apparently it isn't official enough unless it has a bunch of stamps from the state in which you reside certifying that the people who wrote out and signed the document are legitimate notaries. Grr. To make a long confusing story short, I had to get another CBC from my local court office, send it to Raleigh for the Sec. of State to verify, and then mail it once I got it back to Korea. Of course, it has to take forever for the NC State Authentication Division to verify anything, geez. But now it's mailed and off to Korea as I write this, it should get there by Monday, I'm assuming their Monday, which is Sunday night here. Hopefully that will allow my Korean recruiter contact to get my visa number promptly, and email it back to me sometime late tonight/early tomorrow morning!

It is just annoying because it has pushed back my departure time from the end of January--which is what I believed initially, to maybe in another week or so. I'm not quite sure on dates yet, all depends on how long it takes for that visa number, and then for the Atlanta Korean Consulate to stamp my passport once I send it to them. So many steps!

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