Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Two-Month Post-Surgery Update

Recently I had my two-month post-surgery check-up in Seoul.  I think I mentioned before feeling a little concerned about the blurriness in my left eye compared to the right eye, and I was hoping that this check-up would help put my worries at ease.  Hard to believe it's been two months since my surgery already.  It's still strange to wake up without worrying about contacts or glasses.  My eye doctor told me that I'm seeing much better than what I was with my contacts or glasses, because they can't really give you the same experience as seeing things with the naked eye.

I always like going up to Gangnam to Dream Eye, because Susan and Mr. Choo are both happy to see me and chat.  It was a little busier than normal, but I didn't have to wait long for my exam.  Susan ran all the tests on my eyes, checking their shape and visual acuity.  When I finished the eye chart, she told me that now both of my eyes are reading off the 20/16 line, making them better than 20/20.  Granted, they are still a little blurry due to winter dryness, but dryness goes away over time.  My eye pressure had been going up, however, so after a bit of experimentation with different eye drops and no eye drops, I am off the anti-inflammatory drops for the next month.  In January they will check my pressure again and see if I will need a different kind of anti-inflammatory drop.

Dr. Lee examined my corneas and showed me the residual dry spots that should lessen with time.  Despite that, he said my corneas are clear and healing well.  My worries were definitely lessened with that check-up. Now to just make sure my eyes don't get any drier this winter...

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