Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Awesome Things About Korea #45: Celebrating a birthday in a VIP Noraebang Room

Akin to hitting up karaoke at a bar back home, going to a noraebang room is one of the favorite pastimes of Koreans and foreigners alike.  These neon-lighted, flashy interior singing halls dot the Korean landscape, beckoning in would-be rock stars with promises of cheap drinks, snacks, and renditions of everyone's favorite songs.

For my friends Alushia and Misub's joint birthday party, we booked two of the VIP noraebang rooms for singing our lungs out.  After a delicious barbecue potluck dinner, we headed over to WA Bar in a large group to start the night off right.  With around 20 people coming to sing, we surely needed the two separate rooms to accommodate everyone.  Soon our ears were filled with the sounds of both popular and lesser-known tunes, belted out solo or in a group number.  We even danced our way through some of the songs, including the one-time hit "Macarena."  A few hours passed before we had our fill of singing, deciding next to move onto a few of our other favorite spots in downtown.  Sparklers made their appearance, and copious amounts of pictures were snapped to document the fun.

If you're looking for a cheap way to entertain yourself for your next party or group gathering, why not visit a noraebang?  Whether you prefer to get up and belt out your favorite song or stay behind the scenes filming for Facebook sharing, you can't go wrong with a singing room for fun.

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