Thursday, September 22, 2011

Teacher, are you an Eskimo?

In my after school class, we were having a discussion about weather and seasons.  I asked my students to tell me what their favorite season was and why.  Turning the question on me, I answered that I loved fall the most, followed by winter.

"Winter?!"  my students exclaimed.  "Why do you like winter?  It's so cold!"

"Exactly," I replied.  "I love cold weather and snow."

"Do you live in house of ice and snow?"

"You mean an igloo?"

"Yes.  Teacher, are you like Eskimo?"

"No, not an Eskimo.  I just like snow a lot."

"Why not summer?"

"I like summer too, but fall and winter are still my favorites."

Afterwards, my students kept eyeing me curiously, trying to decide if indeed I was an Eskimo, polar bear, or some kind of strange creature who prefers bitter cold over summer's heat.  I do like summer, and even summer in Korea to an extent, but after a few weeks of humid heat and almost constant, sudden downpours, I start wishing for the more comfortable weather of fall.  I even start to think about snow, and wonder how much this winter will bring.

I've got my wish--cooler temperatures during the day and a chill at night and in the mornings.  I'm actually enjoying being outside rather than feeling like I need yet another shower.  I love the clear blue skies filled with puffy clouds that make your eyes hurt from the brightness.  Fall fruit makes its appearance, and I can justify hot coffee and tea again.  Out comes colorful layers, scarves, boots, light jackets, and closed-toe shoes.  Ah, fall...and winter...

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