Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Darling Harbor

On the other side of Sydney's Central Business District lies Darling Harbor, home to Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife World, as well as the National Maritime Museum. There are also a plethora of shops, cafes, and seating to enjoy good weather and spectacular views. Nearby is the Sydney Convention Center, the Chinese Garden of Friendship, Chinatown, and Paddy's Markets. I spent a good few hours here just looking around, people watching, and exploring the shops.

This weekend played host to a large Boat Show, which meant the marina and the Convention Center were filled with all sizes and types of boats for public viewing. I snapped a few shots of the impressive private yachts that were moored there, and I wasn't the only one who admired the expensive watercraft. Many guys stood around it with jaws to the ground, perhaps wishing they were so lucky to own a boat like that.

Inside the shopping area I found a little place selling candies and treats from England. Many of these treats I hadn't seen since I lived in England years ago, so going inside was like taking a trip down memory lane. It made it hard to choose just one or two items, but I finally settled on a package of Rolos and some Chocolate Peppermint Nibs. A little further down I found a nice Sydney t-shirt at a shop sale, and even picked up a Sydney travel mug from Starbucks to add to my collection. I lingered at Starbucks while the sun sank lower in the sky, enjoying a free signature hot chocolate and date scone. (The joy of visiting a country that has tea time!) Once I sensed the time was right, I headed up to the Pyrmont Bridge above Darling Harbor to get some great sunset and night shots over the water.

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