Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School

Vacation is over, my friends--at least in Korea!  Today was the first day back at school for myself, my coworkers, and all of our students.  Unlike last week where we had 5 glorious days of planning, we're back to teaching this week.  There's mixed emotions from students about returning, but the general vibe of the day is excitement.  Today was a very casual day for me, getting to learn and re-learn students' names, as I have  new classes this semester.  Also on the agenda:  laying out the plan for the year as well as rules.  I've got a fair number of ideas that I'd like my students to get the opportunity to do, and hope that this semester will be a good one.

In three weeks we'll have a short vacation thanks to Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving holiday.  The 3-day holiday is Sunday through Tuesday this year, giving us a long weekend.  Haven't decided yet what to do, but there a few options on the table.  I'm crossing my fingers that the weather will start cooling down sooner rather than later, as I am anxiously awaiting fall.

I'm sure that this semester will be filled with interesting moments, which I look forward to bringing to you!


  1. Counting down to the next vacation already? Admit it :-p

  2. Actually, no. Just surprised how quickly the next break will come up. Doesn't stop me from getting ideas for the next longer vacation but I'm enjoying being back at school now. :)


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