Friday, July 8, 2011

Until we meet again...

It's always sad when a friend leaves Korea.  The social environment is ever-changing here, with people coming and going every month.  Just when you've made a new friend, the time comes to have to say "see you later."  The past few weeks have been marked by the exit of two great and wonderful friends returning to their homelands.

Of course, we can't let friends depart without the proper send-off.  A big group dinner, a few (or many) drinks, dance parties while singing on the top of your lungs, eyes permanently dotted with spots from repeated camera flashes...all part of the memories that we keep and our friends take with them.  Long after Korea, friendships continue to endure, thanks to Facebook and email.  We can make plans to visit when we ourselves head home or on vacation, we can keep each other up to date on what's going on in our lives instantly, and we can make sure that even months or years later, a single word can bring back all of those Korea memories in an instant.

Here's to Tal and Blair, may your journeys and time at home be filled with much happiness, wonderful opportunities, and new memories.

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