Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Teaching Gems

More gems from the mouths of students:

First-grade students in after-school class discussing a fire at a store near their apartment building:

Girl:  And then there was a loud noise.
Boy:  Was it a nuclear explosion?


Different after-school class:

Teacher:  What do you love?
Student:  I love...chair.

Teacher:  What day comes next after Tuesday?
Student:  Wednesday...Thursday...Friday.  I love Friday!
All students:  Friday!  Friday!  Friday!  (to the tune of that terrible song)


The next day in after-school, preparing rabbits for a game:

Student:  Teacher, here are my rabbit men.  I don't like rabbit men, they're kind of scary to me.  See, they have big teeth and scary eyes.
Teacher:  Thinking about the freaky rabbit creature in "Donnie Darko".  >_<


My first grade general English students have taken on a new activity when they finish their work.  They all drop their pencils on their desks and start doing the fist pump.  Not quite sure yet if this is "Jersey Shore" style or something else, however.

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  1. First graders singing that Friday song sounds like a nightmare... (not to mention the song itself is anyway)


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