Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Giving from the Heart

There are several celebrities in Korea who have given generously from their own pockets to help out relief efforts following last week's earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  This is in addition to some 13 million won already raised through 30 private donations, and plans are being made to hold fundraisers around Seoul this coming weekend.  Gwangju, Sendai's sister city, will hold its own fundraisers soon.

More aid is needed; however, to help the victims of this terrible tragedy.  Like New Zealand just weeks ago, and the memories of Haiti, Chile, China, and Sumatra before it, this earthquake has taken so much from people that can't be replaced.  But we can help, by donating what we can.

If you listen to music from the Apple Store, you can make a donation through iTunes to the American Red Cross.  Just open the store and click on the button to make your donation.  You can also donate to them online at their website.

Here is a link where you can donate directly to the Japanese Red Cross, Unicef, and Save the Children.

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  1. the whole thing is so sad - glad you're safe :)


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