Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Holidays from Korea

I got my wish for a white Christmas this year, and it sure made me happy!  Saturday morning started bright and sunny as we hosted a brunch for some of our friends and opened presents.  It was a great way to spend time together enjoying the holiday.

Afterwards, we went grocery shopping for ingredients to make a roast chicken dinner, and to purchase a Christmas cake for the party we were heading to later.  On the way home, it started to snow--light flakes that didn't stick.  By the time we headed to the party after nine p.m., the flakes had grown in size and were finally sticking.

Sunday morning's sun melted some of the snow away, however, so I was a little disappointed.  However, around four p.m., the sky grew dark and we opened the shades to see a blizzard going on outside.  The snow was falling so quickly and thickly that it was impossible to see the buildings across the way, much less the taller apartments next to the mountains.  It was a solid sheet of white outside.

We had dinner plans with a friend that evening, so we decided to try and get out of the apartment before it was too crazy traffic-wise.  The snow continued to fall in huge fluffy flakes all through dinner, a rousing game of Phase-10 at the board game cafe, and through our journey home.  It was a perfect accompaniment to the holiday weekend.  I can only hope that the New Year's holiday this weekend will see some of the same magic!

Happy Holidays to everyone near and far!  I hope you are all enjoying time with your families and friends.

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  1. Happy New Year!

    Next April I come to visit Seoul. Thanks for sharing all these.


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