Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Awesome Things about Korea #26: Snow!

As someone who lived in the South for 14 years of her life, snow was something that didn't come very often to my part of North Carolina.  Most of the time it was ice and freezing rain, not the powdery white stuff that blanketed my town and kept us out of school for a week.  I can recall one really significant snowfall in the whole time spent growing up in NC, and that was in January of 2000.  I remember it well as it was on my birthday, and thus my Sweet 16 party was cancelled.  No one could make the trek to my house in 20 inches of snow, nor wanted to try.  School ended up being cancelled for two weeks, and we had to make up some days on Saturdays that year, much to the disappointment of us all.

Snow in NC is hit or miss.  Sometimes we see some, sometimes we don't.  And if we do, it's hardly ever record-setting.  When I moved to Korea, I was much more impressed with the amount of snowfall this little country gets.  Surrounded on three sides by water, it's in a perfect position for the cold winds from the Arctic Circle to come swooping down and mix things up in the winter.  I have seen more snow here in a month's time then I ever saw in NC.  And yes, that includes the year of the 20-inch snowfall.

Snow has a way of making things look extraordinarily magical and beautiful.  It can turn grown people into children again.

So today, unfortunately, was not a good teaching day.  It happens occasionally to all of us here.  The important thing I try to remember is that tomorrow is another day, and another opportunity for teaching.  As I headed home after my classes finished, I was welcomed with a snow flurry.  Like magic, it immediately lifted my ill mood caused by difficult students.  Everything was erased in that single moment, and I smiled all the way home.

Snow in Korea is awesome!

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  1. Snow is Korea is Awesome! I completely agree! Growing up In south Africa we had just about no snow..ever! And not to see if actually falling here is too cool :)
    And your pictures are lovely!


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