Friday, November 12, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad: Who will win the battle in Korea?

With the iPad due to be released this month in Korea, and the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab last week, a new battle has begun in the technology market here.  The two technology giants have already been in steady competition regarding sales of the iPhone and Galaxy series smartphones, so it's no surprise that the tablet PC would spark another heated sales battle.

This article from the Korea Times touts how the Galaxy Tab is a much better option for portability and consumer usage, considering its size, weight, and operating system.  The Tab is the featured technology of choice at the G20 Summit in Seoul, as you can see in the picture accompanying the article.  Tabs were being used to display information about Seoul and Korea for summit attendees and their accompanying parties.

While it is uncertain if Samsung will become a leader in the tablet PC technology in Korea, the article states that the company has some high sales goals for the Galaxy Tab in the next year.  Perhaps even higher goals that what the iPad could attain?  Only time will tell, once the iPad officially makes its debut.

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