Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Don't Look Now, You're on Live TV!

Occasionally I witness some very strange moments.  Well, more than occasionally, but most of them I just shake my head at and keep going.  But today was something else.

I had been having some problems with a persistent and worsening sore throat recently, so I paid a visit to my favorite ENT clinic near my apartment.  The doctors there speak English relatively well, which helps when you're trying to explain a complicated problem in simple terms and aren't quite sure of the Korean required.

As I waited to be seen, I caught a glimpse of the news segment about President Obama and his visit to Asia this week.  That was normal.  What was less normal was the TV screen not too far from that one, the one showing a live video feed of the patient in the doctor's office.  I kid you not.  From where I stood, I could see that the patient in question was having some issues with his/her ears, so the waiting room was privy to an in-depth examination and cleaning of aforementioned patient's ears.  Luckily for him or her, most of the waiting room was more interested in Obama speaking on the news.

I cringed slightly, thinking that soon, the waiting room might be treated to a view of my mouth and throat.  Maybe the other patients would find the foreigner's throat more interesting?  I hope they didn't, but I guess I'll never know.

Another thing about this particular ENT:  they enjoy handing out shots like candy.  In the two years prior to now, I had never once gotten a shot from a doctor's visit.  Just in the past 10 months I've been to this ENT 3 times for various ailments and now have received 4 steroid shots to boost my recovery.  They're not painful by any means.  And wow, do they work.  I guess there's something good about playing target practice for nurses, right?

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