Thursday, November 18, 2010

Awesome Things about Korea #23: Delivery services

In Korea, you can get a lot of things delivered. Pizza, chicken, jjajangmyeon, the whole menu of your local Kimbab Nara, and even coffee!

But that's just in the food department. If you order something online here, it's easy to get it shipped to your school or apartment in just a few days. There's an extensive network of delivery trucks and scooters to bring your order to your door.

I ordered a new set of speakers for my iPhone from a store at the World Cup Stadium. They weren't in stock at the time but they said they would deliver to me personally when they got the speakers in.

They got the speakers in later than they anticipated, but were accommodating enough to deliver them to my school instead of my apartment like originally planned. And without any extra charges to me! That's great delivery service.


  1. I need to learn more Korean. Delivery rocks my world, but all I could order last time around was Pizza Hut. And only if they had their resident broken English speaker on staff that night :-p

  2. I know what you mean. I feel like sometimes it's a lot of pantomime and very interesting broken Korean that gets used to communicate for things. :)


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