Tuesday, November 30, 2010

70 Percent of South Koreans Support Military Action Against North Korea

Following last week's shelling by North Korea and the South Korean response, tensions here are high.  As I stated before, we are all okay over here.  And we know what to do in the case of an emergency.  I just wanted to reiterate that.

This story I read today in the Chosun Ilbo states that 70 percent of South Koreans want a military response against North Korea for what happened last week.  Despite the joint military drills taking place now with South Korean and American troops, many Koreans feel that this response is not strong enough.  It appears that most Koreans are not happy with the way that the government here has handled things regarding the Cheonan sinking in March, and now this latest incident.

While I feel that most of the other media outside of Korea has sensationalized the events of last week, blowing everything out of proportion, I can't help but try to understand how South Koreans must feel about their government's response.  I imagine many Americans feel the same way about the past and current US administration regarding issues of domestic and foreign security.

The question is, though:  what is the appropriate response?  What should the Korean government do?  Or rather, what can they do?  There are a lot of factors at play in this situation preventing both South Korea and the global community from pinpointing exactly what to do next.

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