Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Awesome Things about Korea #19: Finding your favorite things in Korean stores

You're out shopping at your local mart or big box store like EMart, Homeplus, or Lotte Mart doing the usual grocery run and feeling a little bummed because you're missing some of your favorite foods from home.  Meandering up and down the aisles, you despairingly scan all the Korean brands that don't hold your fancy.  When you turn the next corner, what should you see but the very food you've been craving for from home!  Whether you crave Oreos, Doritos, Ritz Crackers, Kit Kats, M&Ms, Cheetos, oatmeal, cheese, etc, it's always awesome to find it waiting for you like a diamond in the rough.  Perhaps you give a sigh of delight and do a little happy dance upon discovering this hidden treasure--or at least I know I do, to the amusement of Koreans around me.  Whatever your feeling, just know that finding your favorite comfort foods from home makes your day (night/week/month/year) just a little more wonderful.

You never know what might turn up on your next grocery shopping trip...word to the wise, be sure to stock up before the next expat after you does!

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  1. It really does give you a fantastic appreciation of the things you take for granted back home.

    It works both ways too. I get excited when I see Aloe Vera Juice or Pepero here, haha


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