Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Intensives (and a little reminiscing)

One thing about summer intensives I do like:  getting done earlier.  Now I have more time in the afternoon/evening to do what I need to.  For instance, yesterday after school I went grocery shopping, went to the gym and had a good workout, got a relaxing shower, cooked dinner, washed dishes, washed a load of laundry, and had time to watch TV, all before heading to bed.

The thing I don't like about intensives?  Getting up earlier.  I have never really been a morning person, even when I was a student myself.  Part of being a grown-up is having to boot your own butt out of bed; no more Mom to do it for me.  Although, I do miss the days of high school/college vacations when Mom would leave my bedroom door open and let the delicious smells of her breakfast and coffee wake me up.  Ah, to be young and (relatively) care-free again!

Sometimes I feel old when I talk about things that my students have never heard of, considering they existed before they were born.  And especially when I find myself channeling the words or actions of my parents.  It kind of scares me a little.

When my students complain about their lives, I just shake my head and have to wonder:  is that what I sounded like to my parents?  Then I try to explain to them in the best way possible that in a few short years none of the things they are distressed about will matter--once they become adults.  (Also sounding like my parents here.)

But now I can begin to understand what my parents always talked about so many years ago.  Hard to believe it has been that long since I was at the prime awkward teenage stage!  

Thanks Mom and Dad, for all your advice, patience, and love.  <3

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