Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Foreign population on the rise

Foreign residents top 1.2 million for first time

The foreign population is on the rise in Korea, according to this article from the Korea Times. The population increased 4.6 percent in the last year, as more short-term visitors are coming for visits, and more long-term visitors are staying for work, education, or family-related reasons.

I read another fact yesterday that the population in Gwangju has increased by 6.35% since 1999, with over 1,400,000 people living in the city these days. In addition, the foreign population has experienced a enormous increase of 302% from an earlier census. Now there are over 12,000 foreigners that call Gwangju home. I can see the subtle effects of this increase as more and more places in Gwangju are becoming foreigner-friendly (making the effort to be multi-lingual or offering more foreigner services).

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