Sunday, June 27, 2010

You are the culture

Last night, I was happy and privileged to enjoy a culture event that featured live music, a flea market of custom-made goods, as well as hands-on activities:  Korean calligraphy, card-making, Korean painting, and cup-painting.  I even got a few cool freebies to take with me as well!  The theme of the event was "You are the Culture" and was for foreigners to experience some of Korea's arts culture.  It was up in the Asian Culture Center in the YMCA building, which I had never been in until last night.

Here are pictures of what I took home:  a hand-painted hanji artwork, and a hand-painted eco-friendly canvas bag.

There will be another similar event next month, on the 17th, in the same place--and I presume starting at the same time--7:00 pm.

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