Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Korean Cinema in the U.S.

Korean cinema is hoping to gain ground in the U.S. by opening the CGV LA in Koreatown there.  CGV is one of the major movie theater companies in Korea, so it only makes sense that they would be the one to promote Korean movies in the U.S.  Currently, nearly 95 percent of the movie market is dominated by Hollywood productions, but with the theater opening, this could change.  The CGV LA has 3 screens, one of which will show Korean movies all the time.  For the original article, check out this link.

I think that Korean movies are interesting, and there have been several previews on TV and in the theaters where I've wanted to go see that particular movie.  The only thing that keeps me from actually seeing it in the theater is the language barrier.  I usually end up having to wait till after the movie comes out on DVD to be able to find it with English subtitles somewhere.  But a Korean-based theater in the U.S. would be a great way to introduce an American audience to more of Korea's culture.

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