Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Green Coffee

Korea is "greening up" its coffee chains, according to this article from JoongAng Daily.  In an effort to cut down on paper cup/sleeve use and reduce the number of trees cut down per year to manufacture these items, some Korean coffee chains are promoting new measures.  Starbucks Korea offers a 500 won discount to customers who bring their own reusable cups and mugs.  Holly's Coffee has started a campaign to use fabric sleeves on its coffee cups, which customers can either bring from home or buy in the store.  This could prove to have quite an impact, as more and more Koreans are drinking coffee.  The expected gross product from the coffee sales industry is around 600 billion won (~530 million dollars) for this year.

With my love for coffee increased two-fold with the sheer number of shops within easy reach of me, you can be sure I'll be jumping on the green bandwagon as well.

Go green when you drink your coffee today!

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