Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Help North Korean Refugees

Came across this link on another blog I read and wanted to pass it on, in hopes that more people will become educated about North Korea and learn how to help.  The site is called LiNK, or Liberty in North Korea.  Not only is it a good resource for information and a springboard for encouraging outward action, you can support the organization through donations or by buying items from their store, here.  It's sad how a few hundred miles to the north of where I live here in Gwangju, so many people are dying without the proper resources--due to their constrictive government.  North Korea continues to isolate itself with its stance on nuclear activity, among other factors.

Even if we can just help the refugees that have escaped from North Korea, that's a good start.  Perhaps in later times we will be able to help more.

*Edited to add more information*

Also, on the Chosun Ilbo's website, I read a few articles regarding North Korean refugees and the horrors they endured while living in fear in North Korea.  There's this article describing what happened to defectors in the concentration camps.  Another article describes one woman's account of her life in a concentration camp.  The worst concentration camp in North Korea is described in this article.

In this day and age, it's tough to swallow the knowledge that people can still treat each other like animals, so inhumanely.  Along with the conflicts in Africa and the Middle East, more attention should be brought to this reclusive country and what it has been doing behind heavy curtains of secrecy.

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