Friday, April 9, 2010

Gwangju Photonics Expo 2010

From April 2nd to May 9th, you can check out the Gwangju Photonics Expo in Sangmu Citizen's Park.  Focusing on the role of light in our everyday lives and extending to the future, the expo features a multitude of displays revolving around 빛, or light.  There are also live music and performances to check out on its two main stages, along with numerous food/toy vendors to peruse.  At night, the expo really shines---literally.  All the lights in the park burst into fabulous arrays of color, pulsating to the background music.  A large fountain next to the robot exhibit is the most stunning light display, but be careful not to get sprayed by the mist!

You can get there by taking the 25, 45, 63, 50, 62, or 38 bus.  If going by taxi, tell the driver "Sangmu Seemin Kongwon" (상무시민공원).  It's just down the street from the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center and the 5.18 Memorial Park.

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