Friday, March 26, 2010

High Technology

Touchscreen technology is all the rage in Korea right now, thanks to the introduction of the IPhone last year along with its Korean competitor counterparts.  But if you're not able to jump on the touchscreen cell phone train, how about something a little more accessible?

According to this article, many of the old map and information kiosks in the Seoul subway stations are being replaced with new touchscreen kiosks that function as an internet phone.  You can check out the subway map to see how to get to your destination, explore the map of the area around the subway stop in question, and even get phone numbers to places if you need to call a restaurant or store for more information.  And you can do this all from this one machine!

The longer I stay here, the more and more Korea surprises me.  Check out the full article at the Chosun Ilbo here.

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