Thursday, February 18, 2010

사랑해요 롯데 마트

Since moving into my new neighborhood, I have enjoyed the presence of the huge Lotte Mart a mere 20 minute walk from my apartment.  Coupled with Lotte Outlets, Toys'R'Us, and a food court, this place is a mecca for shopping.  In the future, the complex will have a movie theater to add to its cultural halls and backyard park.

This truly is a magical place.  Upon entering the doors, you are taken aback with its sheer size, as well as amazed by the products sold within its walls.  I used to think that the E-Mart at the bus terminal was grand until I stepped foot into this place the first time.  It's wall-to-wall goodies, and every time I visit, I always find something new.  Their baking section is great; I can get many of the supplies I need for making delicious goodies.  The produce and meat selection is extensive, as is every other aisle on that level.  The first floor houses the food, drinks, toiletries, and household cleaners (daily necessities as they are called here).  There's also a pharmacy and little food kiosk near the entrance.  The second floor has clothing, sporting goods, shoes, electronics and appliances, dishes, furniture, bedroom/bathroom supplies, books, stationary, pet section, and a discount area.  The first trip is always the longest, I feel, for you spend so much time just looking around at everything there is to offer.  Then once you finish scouring the Mart portion, you can walk a mere 10 steps from the checkout counter to Lotte Outlet and Toys'R'Us!  It truly feels like a one-stop shop.

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