Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Always good to try something new...

This past weekend was a weekend of new adventures, and trying new things.

Right next to the foreign market's new location downtown is a new restaurant that offers a varied menu.  We went to try it out on its preliminary opening and were not disappointed.  We enjoyed a rosemary pumpkin soup with toasted baguette, chicken tacos with fresh cilantro and salsa, and falafel on pita with a creamy garlic sauce.  The menu will continue to grow and flesh itself out as time goes on, but it's off to a great start!

Later, we headed over to Chundehumoon (Chonnam University's back gate area) to visit a friend's new bar opening.  Called Tequilaz, this bar calls itself the first Latino-Mexican cantina in Gwangju.  It got off to a roaring start as well, with great drink prices and awesome margaritas, as well as great Mexican munchies.  It's located up the street with the Dunkin Donuts, take a right into the second alley and it will be on your right in back.

On Sunday, we were wandering around downtown and doing some window shopping when we happened to notice a cafe called Neal's Yard.  It appeared new, so we thought we would try it out, as it advertised hamburgers and pancakes on its exterior.

The interior is quaintly decorated with artwork and framed photos.  The wooden tables give the cafe a country, homey feel.  In addition, the service is wonderful.  The proprietor of the cafe took care of us personally, and was very happy to have us there.  When he brought us our food and drinks, he bowed graciously and gave us a big smile.  He was a really charming and hospitable guy!

I ordered the blueberry pancakes, which tasted just like my mom's at home.  There were fresh blueberries for filling, and dried blueberries with syrup and powdered sugar on top.  A side of whipped cream, butter, and extra syrup completed the dish.

Britton ordered a mushroom burger, which looked equally as picturesque, but sadly, the taste wasn't as good as its looks.  In comparison to other burgers he had eaten, this one reminded him of a fast food patty instead of a handmade one.  It was unfortunate that it was the single damper on an otherwise enjoyable experience.  We will definitely go back for the pancakes, though!

To get to Neal's Yard, head away from Migliore down the street with the Twosome Place on the right.  Neal's Yard is upstairs on the second floor on the left.

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