Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Ever Blog Award!

Thanks to Courtney for my first blog award: Over the Top!

Answer some simple questions, and pass the award along! I'd like to send it to my fellow North Carolinians and Gwangju-ites Lindsay and Whit at Kimchi and Cornbread and to another blog I read for news on Korea: Brian in Jeollanamdo. These two blogs have kept me well-informed on things in Korea!

where is your cell phone: my Korean one is on the table, American one in a box somewhere
your hair: is drying curly at the moment
your mother: I wish she would come for a visit.
your father: fairly inobtrusive in my life these days
your favorite food: Mexican
your dream from last night: can't remember
your favorite drink: First Snow at Wa Bar these days
your dream/goal: Traveling around the world
what room are you in: my studio apartment
what is your hobby: reading, writing, watching movies, taking pictures
what is your fear: spiders
where do you want to be in 6 years: happy and healthy
where were you last night: having a Homeplus adventure, and another Korea adventure
something you are not: tall
muffins: homemade!
wish list items: new Ipod touch, a Canon Powershot SX120S
where did you grow up: across the globe
last thing you did: made some hot chocolate
what are you wearing: fleece pj pants, long sleeve shirt, hoodie, long socks
your TV: OnStyle channel, currently playing Sex & the City Season 3
your pets: have none
your friends: are dearly missed at home!
your life: currently in progress
your mood: distressed and annoyed for the time being
missing someone: everyone back home
vehicle: Dodge Stratus
something your not wearing: Carolina class ring
your favorite store: American Eagle/Aeropostale
your favorite color: Carolina Blue and Purple
last time you laughed: just a while ago watching American Idol reruns
last time you cried: Friday night when I laughed too hard
your best friend: 7000 miles away
one place you go over and over: in Korea, the Nepalese restaurant/Wa Bar
one person who emails me regularly: Mom
favorite place to eat: First Nepal, On the Border


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