Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Peeling Like a Banana

The worst part about enjoying yourself in nice sunny weather on an island is getting a sunburn from it, even with the most careful of sunscreen application. And stemming from that is the uncomfortable period of time afterwards where you start peeling like a banana. That's me right now. I went from lobster red to brown and now I feel like a creature from another planet! Granted, it's definitely better than the time in 8th grade during our class pool party where my friend swore up and down she would put sunscreen on the hard-to-reach places on my back. Failure to do left me quite crispy and with some very interesting residual tan lines once the red had faded. But that's a story from another time...

Right now I'm having difficulty locating my camera cable so I can transfer all my latest pictures, including the ones from Jeju Island. But once I can either find it or get a replacement, then I'll put up some pictures from this gorgeous paradise. Merely describing it would not do it justice!

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