Monday, July 21, 2008

Note to self...

...Don't go bra or swimsuit shopping in Korea anymore! Let that serve as an advance warning to any girls reading this, don't do it unless you want the experience I had this past weekend.

I was trying to find a swimsuit for my summer vacation trip to Jeju next week, and I saw a cute one in the window of a boutique downtown on Saturday. Of course, I'm bigger than the average Korean girl, so when I asked the salesgirl if they had a larger size, she reaches out and gives me a squeeze as though she can judge what size I wear by touch! I was like, hey! I have to keep my kids from poking me in random places, last thing I need is an adult doing it too.

So she hands me another swimsuit that she thinks will fit and I go to the dressing room to try it on. But it doesn't end there, oh no. The salesgirl follows me into the changing room, and goes ahead and removes my shirt and bra and starts tying up the strings on the top! I'm utterly mortified by this point, because normally salespeople don't come into the changing room with you unless you explicitly ask for their assistance!

Needless to say, the bathing suit didn't fit...I didn't expect it would, me being a much different size than the majority of Korean girls here. I suspect I might have more luck looking in Seoul this weekend.

It was a crazy experience, and something similar happened to Miriam that very same day when she was trying on a bra. She even got "tucked in," so to speak...yikes!

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